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₦ 20,000.00

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Soyabean is a major industrial and food crop grown in every continent and in many states of Nigeria as a result of its nutritional value, economic importance and diverse domestic usage. Soyabean may be presented as cream, green, black, brown and a mixture of these colours. It has an average protein content of 40% and is more protein-rich than any of the common food crops. Soybean seeds also contain about 20% oil on a dry matter basis. The soyabean oil is 85% unsaturated, which makes it heart friendly. Soyabean is used to produce infant foods and other nutritious products. The milk extracted from soyabean is fast becoming an excellent dietary beverage in Nigeria. Soyabean is useful for soil fertility improvement and control of parasitic weed called Striga hermonthical, while the residues and haulms generated after harvesting and shelling are used for feeding ruminants such as cattle, sheep and goats.

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Quantity is measured in MT (Metric tonnes)

Type: Soyabean
Region: North West
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